Mr. Todd P. Howell
478-929-7877, Ext. 3856



Students must attend all summer practices, after school rehearsals and all performances during the 1st semester only.

Financial Obligations/Dues: Marching Band activity fee (found in WRHS Marching Band paperwork), purchase of consumable uniform accessories, participation in fundraisers, possible payments for bi-annual band trip.

Mission/Purpose: To provide the highest quality of music education while simultaneously supporting the school football team with spirit and enthusiasm.

Planned activities: 12- 20 performances during the 1st semester including: all regular season and state play-off football games, pep rallies & bon fires, 2-3 marching band contests, the Heart of Georgia Marching Band Invitational, the city of Warner Robins annual Christmas parade, a bi-annual band trip. (Previous trips have included New York City, New Orleans, Orlando & the Bahamas.)